Pick the Perfect summer wedding Theme

Published: 28th May 2012
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After a hard to find the perfect summer wedding themes? What is the agreement - too many options ... too few opportunities ... Do you think all lame? Whether you're just indecisive and want to be sure of what you have in mind, just perfect!

I get it .... I was not too long married, and that is exactly what my problem was - Yes, all of the things I mentioned above. There were not enough ideas, there were too many ideas, I thought everything was lame, and well, I could only decide!

So, what we do now? How do you find the right idea with all the topics in the current summer wedding? The only wonderful idea, because you can truly excited and inspired. The idea is to give you the same "yessss!" the feeling that we all, as we have the perfect wedding dress!

Easy. Start by determining what type of wedding you have in the summer? Really, it's easy! Start here and there, everything will be good!

You see, if you go for a traditional wedding, you already have themes such as a BBQ theme, or even a sunflower theme that lends itself to exclude a relaxed and carefree wedding.

So look where you want or - .... in a room, your garden, beach

These ideas are not necessarily rule out anything, but it is certainly a good starting point for inspiration.

Let's see what kind of wedding you want and start from there? Sounds good?

Traditional or "amateur" Summer Wedding Themes

Good summer wedding colors for a traditional summer wedding are white, champagne, red, pink and muted even black.

Large flowers for the traditional summer weddings include roses, begonias, lilies, and dahlias. Although these flowers have their own "feelings". The Calla Lily is classic and simple, romantic and beautiful rose, etc.

Main topics are traditional or amateur, the Tea Party, Tiffany, and rustic romantic.

Casual Wedding Themes

Wedding Themes for casual summer weddings include a barbecue theme, patio lantern theme, rustic home, and then a tea party theme, depending on how you do it. With topics like this, please your guests favors BBQ sauce or tea favors, practical and also as a gift!

If you have a beach theme in the summer, go on ideas, such as slippers, shells and sea horses do all the big issues.

Large flowers for summer weddings are sunflowers, daisies, wild flowers and mixtures.

Good summer wedding colors for a relaxing summer weddings are orange, yellow, pink and purple.

A mishmash of colors works really well!

Check out the invitations and favors for inspiration

Is one of the most overlooked solutions to the summer theme wedding favors and invitations look.

If you have a great summer wedding invitation with beautiful colors, and find not only do you not, otherwise attracted, it is clear to you as the theme color. You do not have to lace even more - unless you do it with the words of the theme color is pink and white and use only pink Gerber daisies in bunches.

Or if you simply any benefit the summer, you have chosen your topic! Helllooooo garden tea party or wedding - especially if you chose garden seeds or tea!

Actually, it's even easier to try it as the choice of a color or theme, and something that you like the opposite, finding that fits.

There are a lot of different themes that will work in the summer wedding dresses, and select the correct choice on the one that suits your wedding style - relaxed, quirky, traditional, classical. And to find inspiration is as simple as looking in your backyard or on the invitations and favors that you love!

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